Friday, September 3, 2010

Letters to God

Last night was rough. It was a night filled with crying, kicking, screaming, and I ended it with smiling. I watched (tortured myself) a new movie on Netflix called Letters to God. It was awesome but it totally hit home. After I boo-hoo'd through the movie I went into my room and vented. I NEVER vent. I am afraid to cry because I don't know if I will stop. Yes Nan, I know that is not good! I laid in the floor and kicked and screamed. I cried and cried and almost vomited because I cried. It was needed, especially with Addison's heart cath coming up. I dried my tears and went to Ava J's room. I watched her sleep and prayed for her precious soul. I left Ava's room to find Adam leaning over Addison's bed watching her sleep. We stood in awe over God's MiRaCle. Wow, God is great. I called and spoke to two of my prayer warriors and ended up going to bed smiling. I am appreciative of my meltdown and my joys-to God be the glory!

Watch Letters to God with a large box of tissues and be thankful for all your blessings!

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